Bali – Day 1 & 2

Day 1 (April 15, 2017)

So finally we reached our much awaited destination Bali !!!! The land of gods. It was our first international trip and have been doing a lot of research regarding the destination. Bali will never disappoint you because one will always fell in love with the sheer blissful decor by the nature. It will mermerize either with its exotic beaches or by hues of green.

Reached Denpasar airport around 8 pm. We were received by our travel guide from ‘Pick your Trail’  travel agency and was moved to Pondok Sari hotel in Kuta which is hardly 20 minutes from airport.

By the pool, at Pondok Sari

Day 2 (April 16, 2017)

Had breakfast and went to get some vitamin “sea” and to do some water adventures at Nusa dua which boasts of it’s rich coral reefs. Experienced scuba diving and para sailing for the very first time at Basuka water sports.

Considering by phobia to water scuba diving in the deep sea (with instructor holding my hands obviously..😁) was a blissful experience.

One hell of an experience!!!! 🙂

Returned to the hotel, relaxed for some time and explored the Balinese food from the local shops in the town.

One thing I noticed was, we could hardly find any fruit stalls other than those in super markets.

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