Bali -Day 3

Day 3 (April 17, 2017)

Today’s plan is to see the sun rise at uluwattu temple and sun set at Tanah Lot temple. Both are must visit places when you are in Bali.

Reached uluwattu before the sun rise (around 6:15) but was closed because the monkeys in the temple premises are bit more aggressive during the morning hours. So meanwhile we managed to get some good pictures and waited till the gate opens. We were the only visitors at that time and some monkeys tried to grab our stuff but the guards came for rescue (chappals and spectacles are their favourite things as per the cleaning staff there). Luckily after some time the monkey gang disappeared into the woods and we started exploring the spectacular view.

Uluwattu temple 

The view to die for !!!

When we returned back to the front gate the place was too much crowded with the tourists, so even though we were unable to see the sun rise our decision to come early morning was a good one. 

Went back to hotel, took a power nap and had Balinese lunch.

Talking about the Indonesian food, they use very little chilly I guess and add honey in almost all dishes (including pork). As I am a little biased to spicy food, after 3 days of Indonesian cuisine tasteing I gradually change my destiny to Domino’s and MAC.

Reached the Tanah Lot temple in the evening but couldn’t enjoy the sun set view since it was cloudy. The view is amazing, the temple is built in a cliff.

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