Bali -Day 4

Day 4 (April 18, 2017)

So this is supposed to be our last day in Kuta, evening we are moving to next stop Ubud. 

Checked out from our hotel Pondok Sari by noon. Had our lunch at a restaurant as suggested by our driver which served the most delicious nasi goreng (fried rice kind of thing and pork ribs.

Nasi goreng with pork ribs

After lunch we headed to the Barangan beach. Very beautiful, neat and not so crowded beach it is.

Barangan beach

After sunset we headed to our new city Ubud. We are staying at a guest house named ‘Teba House’. It is a typical traditional Balinese house. The houses in Bali are very unique due to its architectural beauty. 

When we travel to some other country whose traditions are different from ours we must think about  spending some quality time with the local people there rather than staying in a star hotel – Serendipity from this trip(Economic too🤓).Then we will be prompted to “travellers” from  “tourists”  😃.

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