Bali – Day 5

April 19,2017 So this is our first morning in Ubud , had breakfast from teba house and we are heading to Bali bird park.

Breakfast at teba house

Komodo dragon and exotic birds are the high light. The birds looks well maintained the authorities have done their best in maintaining the natural habitat kind of feel.

They have some trained birds which sits on our shoulders and we can click pictures with them. They also conduct some shows thought the day whose timings are mentioned in the brochure that is provided at the ticket counter.

Near by is a reptile park which we didn’t visit. But is not that worth as per the reviews.

Komodo dragon
Into the wild

I swear those talons are not at all scary
The gorgeous Macaws..

We watched some of the bird shows. Had lunch and moved to our next stop – “The Sacred Monkey Forest”. Being scared of monkeys, initially we were a little hesitant to go there because the Google reviews gives us a very scary picture of monkeys wandering around the forest snatching bags, caps, ornaments.

But nothing happened.. just follow these simple rules, don’t look into their eyes they can sense fear😎 and don’t carry any food packet or water bottle in your bag. Their are security people standing on every point they will protect you from naughty monkeys. Keep a hold on your mobile phone, wallet, caps, backpack etc..

Actually this is an old temple where monkeys are being worshipped. We can feed the monkeys by buying overpriced bananas, but we dared to do so😂

The monkey fam

The Sacred Monkey Forest

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