Onam 2018

Onam is the celebration of unity , prosperity and abundance. Every Keralite relate onam with a strong bout of nostalgia, it is more than a festival. Onam 2018 was so different yet so special. Different in the sense, this was not the way I wanted to celebrate it.. not at all.. in a home away from home, away from family, in a different continent.No swings were made on the tree.

No “attapookkalam” (flower bed) was laid because l couldn’t find flowers near my apartment as it is summer here and I hate the concept of buying flower from market. Blame me on this because I am from a beautiful village where we never had to do so. It is the harvest season in Kerala and there will be abundant flowers in the neighborhood and in my mom’s garden.

“Kaashi Thumba” from my mom’s garden.

Special because this was my little man’s first onam. Somehow we managed to prepare onam feast and had it in paper banana leaves, all thanks to the clever guy who made it and patented it.

Even though I don’t have a single decent photo of mine (not so me), my little one was all dressed up in his onam attire. Safe to say atleast he wear it till the photo session end. What more to expect from a six month old😁.

This picture was from last year when little Ahaan was the size of a lime in my tummy. Was down with nausea and lost about 3 kgs in 3 weeks but still wanted to dress up and smile😁. How time flies..

Despite of the place we live or the lifestyle we follow deep inside our hearts we all want to keep our traditions alive and pass it to the future generations. Teach them the importance of celebrations which bring people together. Teach them to celebrate without boundaries and love the mother earth.

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  1. poseinstyle says:

    Beautiful post and lovely pictures. Glad to know about onam Festival rituals

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