The wild one

So our little monkey turned one year old this March 6th in a jiffy. We had a small celebration at home with few friends around.

We planned a diy safari themed party and i am so proud that everything came out really well. Tried to keep the decor ecofriendly (balloons were an exception) with no glittering props.

Made some animal figures out of paper rolls and the leaves were made out of green craft paper . The vines are made from brown coloured paper package material. A memory wall was made with snapshots of our precious moments from last one year. Baked a safari themed cake for him, you can find the recipe here.

Obviously he didn’t realize that it was his birthday, but he enjoyed the celebration to every bit and was super happy seeing the decoration. We gifted him a teepee tend, some animal figures, few books and of course a birthday dress. And didn’t mind wrapping it on glittering wrappers because he is too young to notice the package aesthetics and I think it is total waste of money.

May be next year he will be ready for surprise gifts. So I am planning to wrap the gifts in more ecofriendly manner , like the one I did for the return gift to one of our little guest.

Sharing some of the birthday snippets below.

Return gift wrapped in magazine paper ,decorated with pom poms

First year memory wall

The cake😊🎂

Peek a boo…I see you

Checking out his gifts after the party

Hope you enjoyed the wild one’s birthday story.



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