Rainbow cake

I badly wanted to eat/make a rainbow cake after watching the movie “Salt and pepper” about 7 years ago (I am sure every malayali friend of mine have already watched it.. Others give it a try, especially if you are a foodie).

For those who haven’t watched it, they had a sequence in the movie where they tell a story about the wife of a soldier in France who is waiting for her husband to return from a war. Each day she baked a cake with his favourite fruits like strawberries,orange, pista hoping he would return that day. It continued for 3 days and finally on the third day he returned and she fed him the delicious cake with choclate topping😋.

They call it Joan’s rainbow cake even though it had 3 colours. Now this is just a story, but the way it is directed is too good that you will drool over it right away.

So for the husbandman’s birthday i baked a rainbow cake (with food colour😂) because I am not that romantic wife and I have a toddler at home.

First of all this recipe takes a little more time to prepare if you don’t have 6 (or what ever layers you want) baking pan. I only had 1 reusable baking tray and 2 aluminum foil tray. So I had to reuse the pan 3 more times. But it only takes 10-15mins to bake each cake since it is too thin.

I followed this recipe. Made some changes like reducing the quantity of the sugar to less than half for making frosting. Instead 6cups (😮) as mentioned in the recipe , I only added 2cups. It was still too sweet.

Do try the recipe and let me know!!

Happy baking❤️



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